Dry cleaning is convenient! What services does dry cleaning provide?

Dry cleaning is convenient! What services does dry cleaning provide?

How to clean dirty clothes? Undoubtedly, you can wash your dirty items yourself, but what do you do if stains persist after washing? In such cases, high-quality and deep fabric laundry service is necessary, which is very difficult and expensive to do at home.

Swanlaundry provides cleaning and laundry service for textile clothing, household textiles, shoe cleaning and dyeing, and much more. It’s convenient – you don’t need to spend your time and energy on removing tough stains – just drop off your items and pick them up, already dry and clean. In the dry cleaning process, you will be advised on how the cleaning process will take place and which chemicals will be used. After the cleaning process, your items will be odor-free, won’t shrink, and won’t trigger allergies.

If you need to restore your shoes, don’t worry about them being damaged – our dry cleaning service performs restoration exclusively by hand, ensuring extremely careful treatment of your footwear.

In laundry service, there are typically five stages:

  • Acceptance of clothing – at this stage, the type of item, material, defects, and stains are determined, along with the processing technology.
  • Sorting of items– clothing is sorted by color, material, and the degree of soiling.
  • Pre-cleaning – manual cleaning of heavily soiled items. This stage focuses on removing stains that might become permanently fixed on the fabric in the dry cleaning machine due to the solvent and heat.
  • Dry cleaning – the direct use of the solvent and the primary stain removal process.
  • Ironing

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