‘Dry cleaning only’ – what should I do now?

‘Dry cleaning only’ – what should I do now?

Clothing manufacturers always provide recommendations for proper garment care to ensure it serves you for the longest possible time. Most importantly, if the clothing label specifies ‘Dry Cleaning Only,’ it is absolutely forbidden to wash it!!!

Cleaning involves the use of chemicals instead of water to clean the garment. During this process, the item goes through a dry cleaning cycle in a machine where a chemical solvent is used as the cleaning agent. Technicians first pre-treat tough stains before the cleaning cycle, and the completely dry item comes out of the machine clean and completely dry. Chemical solvents do not alter the fabric’s structure and handle the job with maximum care.

Cleaning prevents fabric shrinkage and stretching, unlike water exposure, which can deform clothing. The dry cleaning method is gentle on removing stains from the fabric. For certain fabrics like cashmere, delicate silk, and suede, cleaning is the only possible and safe method.

Cleaning is also effective for removing stubborn, old stains. Special solvents can penetrate deep into the fabric’s fibers and dissolve even the most stubborn stains. In some cases, water can make it even more challenging to remove old stains.

There is a misconception that dry cleaning can cause allergies and that chemical residues are hard to remove from the fabric. This is an erroneous belief, as modern technologies can completely remove solvents from the clothing fabric.

Cleaning should be done exclusively at a professional dry cleaner. This ensures a good result and guarantees that your favorite garment won’t be ruined.

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