Сleaning of textile items is the most in-demand service at Swanlaundry. We offer dry cleaning for all kinds of textile items: t-shirts, sweaters, blouses, suits, dresses, coats, and many other garments. Textiles are commonly referred to as products made from flexible and soft fibers. Textile clothing makes up almost our entire wardrobe: from underwear to […]

Clothing manufacturers always provide recommendations for proper garment care to ensure it serves you for the longest possible time. Most importantly, if the clothing label specifies ‘Dry Cleaning Only,’ it is absolutely forbidden to wash it!!! Cleaning involves the use of chemicals instead of water to clean the garment. During this process, the item goes […]

консультация по химчистке

How to clean dirty clothes? Undoubtedly, you can wash your dirty items yourself, but what do you do if stains persist after washing? In such cases, high-quality and deep fabric laundry service is necessary, which is very difficult and expensive to do at home. Swanlaundry provides cleaning and laundry service for textile clothing, household textiles, […]